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The Center for Health and Healthcare in Schools The transition in nutrition, sedentary life style, lack of exercise, increased television watching, computer addiction, improper dietary pattern adopted by children today are the major causes for overweight seen in children.

The World Health Organization has identified school as important settings for promotion of physical activity among children. Physical education provided at school, is an ideal way to encourage activity and develop fitness among children. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge on body weight and its maintenance among overweight children and to assess the effectiveness of self instructional booklet. The conceptual frame work used for this study was based on titler et al effectiveness model.

A quasi experimental pre test post test control group design was used to assess the effectiveness of self-instructional booklet on body weight and its maintenance among over weight children. The study was conducted in a selected school with a sample of 60 overweight children studying in 7th to 12th standard; samples were selected by purposive sampling method. First 30 samples were assigned to the control group and the next 30 samples were assigned to the experimental group.

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The tool for this study was a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire consisted of 2 parts.

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Part I was developed to assess the knowledge of over weight children in relation to body weight, diet and exercise. Each were consisted of 5 multiple response questions. Part II consisted of selected demographic variables such as age, educational qualification of father and mother, occupation of father and mother, family income, items at home, family food type and items. Demographic characteristics presents that almost in both the groups the children under the age group of years, had family income above 10, and major facilities like television, bike and cycle.

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  • And most of the fathers were private employees and mothers were nonworking. All the mothers are literate and majority.

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    Overweight children were grouped into two, experimental group and control group. It was noted that in both the groups the knowledge of children assessed were almost similar in before intervention. In after intervention children gained knowledge in experimental group and children remained same knowledge in control group.

    Statistically there was no significant differences in the knowledge score between experimental and control group before intervention and statistically there is a significant difference of knowledge in experimental group between before and after intervention. This increase in knowledge of the experimental group could be attributed to the self-instructional booklet. Good health leads to a normal life.

    To promote the health of the child and reduce the danger of over weight and obesity, it is important that children are encouraged to engage in some form of physical activity on a regular basis and good dietary pattern. These above facts highlight the need for self discipline in a child to live a healthy and active life. To sign up for updates or to access your subscriber preferences, please enter your contact information below.

    The Importance of Good Nutrition

    Skip to main content. Importance of Good Nutrition Your food choices each day affect your health — how you feel today, tomorrow, and in the future. References To return to the page content, select the respective footnote number. Obesity Trends.

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    Celebrate the Season with Winter Sports. This will give more variation and lexical resources to your essay. I also agree that you should clearly state your position at the beginning. You may want to re-consider the first parts of your sentences to improve the flow of your essay because 'on the one hand', 'finally', 'in conclusion' breaks it down too much and is a bit repetitive. As for the health aspects, without any references you could just make general statements ie. Specifically, by only exercising without By only exercising and still making unhealthy food choices such as consuming excess salt and sugar, this could lead to future chronic health conditions such as diabetes or cancer.

    Also your last paragraph doesn't flow as well. Perhaps try: Although exercise contributes to proper body function, a healthy diet is equally as necessary because it helps reduce the risk factors for developing potential health issues. Together, these habits will provide a more holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and have a greater chance in avoiding future diseases.

    Hope this helps! SG, aside from the problematic opening statement, that left me dazed and confused, the overall presentation that you have is admirable. The essence of each paragraph is clear with only one topic discussed with proper supporting sentences.