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The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that occurred in was caused by certain management failures both by the organization the BP Company and its contractors Transocean and Halliburton. Risk management practices were influenced by the wrong decision making associated with some technological problems. According to the material presented in the course lectures, the risk management cycle involves several stages, which help an organization to manage risks: Identification, Quantification, Risk assessment, Risk treatment, Monitoring, Risk context.

These stages are interrelated Business Risk Management Week 2, , p. Based on the established components of risk management process, it is possible to avoid negative consequences of disasters in all spheres of human activity, including oil and gas industry.

In the Deepwater Horizon platform, many events led to the disaster because inadequate risk management practices were ineffective in that situation. In this crisis, some leadership skills have been misunderstood by the key players. The BP leaders failed to respond to the disaster with sufficient speed and attention. Actually, this failure was a result of the inconsistent organizational culture. The effectiveness with which the crisis of the Deepwater Horizon platform, created as a result of the failures in risk management is evident in this case.

In the Deepwater Horizon platform, there were serious problems with governance as the Company failed to examine all possible scenarios, assess all possible consequences and identify the cost of prevention of these negative consequences. The response to the crisis was not planned in a proper way. This fact means the BP Company failed to use the appropriate strategies to avoid the crisis.

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Because of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling platform, over 5 million barrels of oil were sent into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This fact proves that the company failed to avoid the crisis. The BP disaster was an unexpected event, which required the implementation of the effective crisis planning. According to Charles E.

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Undoubtedly, the impact of the BP disaster was enormous because of the lack of the crisis planning. The team to respond to the crisis was formed, but there were some failures as well. The BP hired people on order to organize and conduct cleaning efforts in the states: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida Anastas et al. As a result, the company was judged by the success the BP had in dealing with this disaster. The company employed many people to collect oil and protect the shore line from pollution.

This strategy to address the crisis was effective only when sea was calm Pennington-Gray et al. Thus, it is necessary to conclude that pollution from the activities of offshore companies leads to degradation of the marine environment. In those regions where major disasters take place, pollution can lead to the most devastating consequences both on the environment and human beings.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is one of the examples that can be used to teach some lessons. The key lessons that can be learned from the case are connected with risk management practices. The discharge of oil had negative impact on the region, caused serious damage to fisheries and marine habitants, bringing to light the risks of deep water oil and gas drilling. The lessons that can be learned from the case give an opportunity to other companies to avoid negative consequences of the crisis and develop, maintain and implement effective crisis management practices.

One of the most important strategies to manage crisis is to implement a well-developed crisis plan, provide effective control procedures and risk treatment systems that must be developed and implemented in the areas, where failures occur frequently. Do you like this essay? You can say "Thank you" to the writer donating him any amount you want. Donate here.

Bp oil spill thesis statement

The BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico essay Executive Summary This report discusses the issue of concern because an oil spill is considered to be a disaster for both for human beings and the environment. Introduction and Aims The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most valuable territories because of the availability of the great variety of marine life, including fish, shrimp and other species. Identification of three major risk management issues illustrated by the case The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that occurred in gives an opportunity to identify three major risk management issues, which can be assessed by experts as significant risk management lessons.

Based on the US federal government report that was issued in after investigation of the key causes of the disaster, the following failures were identified: Poor risk management practices Last-minute changes in decision making Anastas et al. Comparing and contrast the way in which these three risk management issues were dealt with by the firm s involved with material presented in the course or other reference material dealing with the concepts or issues that the case illustrates In the case discussed in this paper, the BP failed to avoid certain management errors that led to massive damage to the environment and caused considerable harm to people.

Assessment of the effectiveness with which the crisis, created as a result of the failures in risk management evident in the case, was managed The effectiveness with which the crisis of the Deepwater Horizon platform, created as a result of the failures in risk management is evident in this case. Conclusion Thus, it is necessary to conclude that pollution from the activities of offshore companies leads to degradation of the marine environment.

The vessel grounded towards southwest balanced across its middle on a pinnacle of Bligh eef.

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Eight of the eleven oil tanks punctured flooding about 5. The confessions at NTSB indicated that Cousins may have been awake and normally at work for up to 18 hours preceding the accident. Details about the Accident The circumstantial factors like prolonged duty hours, poor working conditions,…… [Read More]. The oil spill marked the U. Whilst identifying the corporate and state cover-ups the triggered the disaster, this study recommends some of the solutions that can be adopted to prevent future disasters.

BP's corporate flaws are largely to blame for the disaster. The 20th of April of marked the largest oil spill disaster in the U. On this day, a fire explosion resulted in the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. The catastrophe led to the deaths of 11 workers. BP owned the oil well while Halliburton did the cementing of the well.

Transocean Company was the owner of the rig. The three companies engaged in blame games while efforts to deter the oil spill lasted…… [Read More]. Environmental Law the Norwegian Oil and Gas. Environmental Law The Norwegian Oil and Gas Industry: elatively Successful Norway became an oil producer when it drilled a hole into the continental shelf off its shores on June 15, Law Library of Congress , p. Norway was the ranked fifth in the world for oil exportation in and the largest in Europe.

Although oil production has begun to decline in recent years, the reserves off its coast remain the largest in Europe Business Monitor International Norway is the second leading gas exporter after ussia, primarily because domestic use is low given the heavy reliance on hydropower. Concerns about a possible drilling disaster were voiced soon after the industry began developing the offshore oil fields. A report in The Guardian claimed that the oil industry would…… [Read More].

Shore Oil Drilling Offshore Oil. The simple fact is this that the initiation of offshore oil drilling can be used effectively as a threat to lower the overall importing prices of oil from the Middle East States. The actual drilling, if looking at its impact internally, might or might not result in the actual decrease in gas prices or increase of alternative fuel and energy production.

But in the recent times, the real reason for such a high debate on the offshore drilling aspect has been to use it merely as a strategy and a negotiation tool. This approach and application of this strategy is something that neither I, nor people like who think that offshore drilling has more negative effects then positive, have a problem with. I do have a problem however with how offshore drilling is portrayed as the savior for the American dependency on foreign oil. Its like love is cast off…… [Read More]. Channel The Exxon Valdez Oil. Exxon's position was that they were open and honest with the press, but the author's experiences instead show a company that will do anything to cover its' tracks and its' inadequacies.

He notes, "The response to stricken animals was forced upon Exxon by the Department of the Interior and the public. Exxon's interest in tourism was also one of alleviating its own bad reputation; most of the 1, miles of oiled shoreline had been insufficiently treated" Keeble Exxon did what it had to do to look good to the public. As the author notes, they "threw money" toward the problem but had no real plan of attack or idea how they would actually clean the entire affected area.

Exxon used its power and money to look good, rather than really fix the problem. Perhaps the most frightening part of this book is the power that Exxon wielded over the…… [Read More]. Environmental Science class.. The fact that society has come to depend on oil makes it especially difficult for someone to experience positive results as a result of criticizing individuals involved in the oil business. Communities who have access to free oil wells are privileged and society has virtually learnt to exploit any oil source that it can possibly find.

This has devastating consequences on the…… [Read More]. Counteracting the Spills Phenomenon. Preventing Spills With Countermeasures Every manufacturing facility that is dealing with potentially hazardous or toxic materials should, in all good faith, have a Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures SPCC plan. There are several key components of such a plan, including dedicated phone numbers for emergency and specific personnel responsible for answering them.

EPA, Having such a plan should be considered just another operating expense for the manufacturing entity, much like any other cost associated with maintaining such a plant. In fact, the pros of such a plan drastically outweigh the cons. Disadvantages of such a plan are primarily centered around its cost.

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That cost both pertains to the initial construction of the plan and the updates to it that are necessary to account for every process change. Moreover, that cost factors both into monetary factors as well as those pertaining to time, energy, and human labor to revise the…… [Read More].

Remedies to Oil Spillage on the Environment. Oil spills should always be treated with care since they are bound to make travels for a long distance from the point of the spill. This situation is dangerous when no action is taken bearing in mind that water is a primary resource for human living. Actions should be taken with an immediate effect.

Scientists discover oil-eating bacteria that could clean up ocean

The surrounding environment has a possibility of the infiltration of oil into the water reservoirs just near the spillage point. There is also the possibility of a surface runoff in the case that there are rains within the area. Many living organisms will be affected by the spill. One is the life of the plants within that area. In the case the spill spreads to any region, it will affect the natural situation of the…… [Read More].

Rise in Global Oil Prices. Because the cost associated with fueling the cars will increase, individuals might come up with ways of reducing the consumption of fuel, they will thus use public transportation. When a rise in the prices of gas results into an increase in transportation ridership, the revenues from fare are likely to rise, and the extra costs of fuel for the transport operator will be offset partly. Numerous news reports in the United States are indicating that transportation ridership has gone up with the increase in the prices of the gases; however, little research has been done to prove this association.