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I share all my secrets with my father and go running to him whenever I am confused about anything in life. He has a clear perspective about life and knows exactly how to calm my chaotic thoughts. Whether I have a fight with my friends or am unable to concentrate on studies or am unable to choose which co-curricular activity to go for — I know whom to ask. He knows me extremely well and is also worldly wise and thus gives advice keeping both his experiences and my nature in mind.

My father knows his responsibilities extremely well and never tries to escape from them. He is constantly there for us fulfilling each and every responsibility of our family. He is like the backbone of our family. From fulfilling our financial needs to taking care of the emotional upheavals — he is always there standing strong besides us. I have learned a lot from this attitude of his. He has taught us how we must all take our responsibilities seriously and fulfil them happily.

Taking inspiration from him, me and my brother also complete every little task and responsibility assigned to us sincerely. If every member of the family takes his responsibilities seriously then everything will remain well-coordinated. There would be less stress and relationships would be sweeter. Unlike when people need to be reminded of their responsibilities several times and still do not fulfil them. Children in such families suffer the most. There are constant conflicts between family members which creates a tensed atmosphere.

I am lucky to have born in a family where people are mature enough to understand their responsibilities and have taught us the same. My father is indeed my hero. He has given us good values and brought out the best in us. He is not just my father. He is my best friend and my hero. We all love our parents but I am lucky that I also draw inspiration from them. I look up to my father as a source of motivation and inspiration.

He is my hero in the true sense. I admire his love towards his family, dedication towards work and concern for the environment and people around. My father is a true nature lover.

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He loves plants and this is the reason why we have turned our terrace into a garden. Earlier, we only had some pots kept at some distance from each other on the terrace but now we have plants all over the place. However, his love for nature is not just limited to gardening at home he is also involved in improving the environment by planting more and more trees and plants in the surrounding areas.

He has joined a non-profit organization that works for making the environment clean and green. He helps the organization to further their mission by joining them every weekend. He and his team choose an area every week and do their best to clear the dried leaves and other waste products from there.

They hire a sweeper to help them and do whatever they can on their own. After the cleaning drive, they plant trees and plants at suitable places in that area. Many a times he takes us along for help. He was also invited to my school to sensitize the students to make the environment clean and green.

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He gave lecture on the subject to help the students understand the importance of this issue. It was a proud moment for me. My father believes in working as a team. He does not expect my mother to do all the household tasks and handle the kids all on her own.

He helps and supports her at every step. They both work as a team to make our house a better place to live. My father also works with us whenever we require working on some assignment we are not much familiar with. Rather than just giving us instructions and judging our skills from a distance he gets involved in the same to help us learn and understand the task better.

Many of my friends share that their parents give them instructions to do certain tasks and expect them to complete them appropriately.

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They do not help in the process and even scold them if the task is not done properly. They also have set definition of the tasks that need to be done only by the females in the house and those that the male members should take responsibility for. I am lucky my father does not possess such a mindset.

We have learned the art of working as a team from him and this has helped us at various stages in life.

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  • I have learned a lot from these. My father is not just my hero but an inspiration for everyone around. Besides being a great father, a good husband and an obedient son, he is a very noble human being. He treats everyone alike and does not distinguish between anyone based on their caste, religion or social status.

    Everyone in our family, extended family and neighbourhood talks highly about him because of his extremely friendly and helpful nature. People come to him to seek advice as well as for help as they know he has the solution for every problem. Just like the heroes in the Bollywood movies my father is always ready to help everyone around. He was the only earning member in the family. His parents and wife were not only financially dependent on him but also did not know how to deal with the hospital formalities and other stuff.

    My father helped them during their hour of need. He served as an inspiration for others. Many of his colleagues came forward to contribute their bit for the treatment.

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    Soon, the funds were met and the treatment was completed. I remember the day when that colleague and his family visited our family after his recovery and thanked my father with all their heart. This incident has left a mark on my heart. I feel proud of my father whenever I think of it.

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    Another quality of my father that I truly admire is that he is very hard working. He is appreciated for his hard work and dedication at work. He won several awards during his school and college days and this inspires me to work hard and earn appreciation too. Even in his office he has won the employee of the year award, most hardworking team member award and many other accreditation.

    I have seen him working for hours whenever his work demands.

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    At times, he even works on holidays. It's just not adorable when he throws things AT me. Things like remote controls, shoes, whatever he can grab. Stores and restaurants are off limits with him most of the time. Can you please elaborate more? We need to know what kind of discussion it is you're trying to have.

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    If you want to know if other children in their "terrible twos" act like yours, say that. I seem to have amnesia when it comes to toddlers. I have a 6 year old daughter and a son who will be 3 in April. Over the past few months, my son has gone from a sweet, darling little child to Satan in carnate. He's destructive - throws things, hits, pulls hair, bites, yells, destroys toys his and his sister's , doesn't listen at all, isn't phased by any type of punishment time out, spanking, taking away toys.

    But maybe it wasn't this bad? I don't know. I'm in hell. My son is 3. He is sweet, thoughtful, caring, able to acknowledge others feelings or emotions and give that person the care they need. However, there are times when I'm so sure he's possed by Satan himself.

    He runs all over the house for no apparent reason but to make my life difficult. He's a climber too. He'll climb anything and anyone.

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    Not to mention the defiance which I admit he must have gotten from me but there's no stopping him when he sets his mind on something. There's no being sent to his room, yelling, threatening, spanking, or time outs that'll deteriorate him from what he has in mind. He loves helping as much as he loves doing things on his own. I constantly have to remind myself that he's a boy boy not a typo and is hardwired to be such.

    Keep reminding yourself that you love him no matter what the little terrorist is up to that day. LOL Oh yes, I utter that mantra to myself all the time. Mini-Me is almost four, but her year of being three is burned into my soul.