Grid connected pv system phd thesis

Optimal Design and Analysis of Grid-Connected Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Last Updated on October 10, Lance received his B. He graduated with an M. He is now pursuing his Ph.

His research interests include flexible non-planar thin film applications and energy conversion efficiency. Minjeong received her B.

Thesis on grid connected pv system

Korea, in and the M. She is currently pursuing her Ph.

Her interest areas control and modulation method for inverters. Morcos received his B.

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His interest areas are in photovoltaic integration with the power grid using advanced control methods. He served as an operational and design engineer for NTPC Ltd, one of the largest generation utilities in the world, for over three years.

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Aaqib is under the supervision of Prof. His research interests include wide area control and protection, power system optimization, integration of renewable energy and resilient energy infrastructures. He is currently pursuing his PhD degree in power electronics. His research interests include power electronics for renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, photovoltaic power integration, and switching power supplies. In this paper a solar PV system is modeled, simulated and experimentally tested. Mathematical and electrical models have first been presented. A theoretical background which introduces the topic has been presented.

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The system's different components have also been described. Finally a PV system installed in the Institute of energy systems and electrical drives at the Technical University of Vienna has been tested. Many disturbances and cases like blackout, load disconnection and islanded system have been investigated.

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It not only tracks the maximum power effectively but also provides a dynamic response to the fast changing atmospheric condition. The converters used for interfacing, are basically a voltage source0inverter VSI connected to the source0network, operated in order to achieve0objectives such as to control the power0flow and also to have operate at unity0power factor.

IEEE PhD Competition - Vinodhkumar Sampathkumar, "Control of a Grid Connected Hybrid Energy System"

The voltage0oriented control VOC implemented on the grid0side converter is universally adapted for independent control of the active and reactive power0of a grid as it is controlled in0synchronous rotating frame. However, the dynamic response0of grid, during abnormal condition, is very0sluggish and poor0power quality. In order to design a0controller for robust performance and0to know its control characteristics, 0VSI needs to be modeled accurately.