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It influences all areas including family, spirituality, physical well-being, leisure, and work. Studies consistently show that this one factor, personal vision, is more important in both success and satisfaction than any other factor — more important than intelligence, socio-economic background, or education. In the balance cycle, you will be more satisfied, more productive, and experience more meaning and enjoyment. In comparison, without a personal vision, you could end up in the stress cycle where you experience more burnout and often feel as though your efforts are wasted and lack meaning.

Now that you see the importance of having a personal vision statement and living in a Balance Cycle, how do you get there? Well, to start off, you need to write a paragraph or two outlining your values, your natural abilities, and your goals, among other things.

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Then, you reference it regularly and take steps toward fulfilling that vision. Again, this is something we do in our Personal Vision Workshops, but you can also do this same exercise with a coach or therapist. I will live each day as though I had all the power and influence necessary to make it a perfect world. Through listening to and serving others, I will learn new ideas and gain different perspectives. I will behave in a manner so as to become a light, not a roadblock, for others who choose to follow or lead me. I will trust my dreams and be the prisoner of nothing.

I will use my private victories unselfishly by trying to create value for others.

The pursuit of excellence will determine the options I decide to exercise and the paths I choose to travel. I will expect no more of others than I expect of myself. I will seek new sources for learning and growth — nature, family, literature, new acquaintances. So, what did they say?

Write it all down and highlight any values that stick out.

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They were describing the future-you who had lived a purpose-driven life which actually may be way different from who you are today. Feel free to borrow anything that resonates with you, but try to make it your own. Your mission shoot for one sentence 2. Essential characteristics needed to fulfill your mission 3.

Roles that will take priority in achieving your mission.

Step 3 – Build in some accountability

Think of it as a treasure hunt. Start by scanning through all your answers especially your values and look for patterns.

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Keep an eye out for:. Similar items that fall under an overarching theme 2. Any point that basically summarizes everything else 3.

Any point you resonate extra hard with. This will be your mission. You can come back and tweak it later. Now, pick out the characteristics that are most relevant to your mission e. Next, write short sentences describing what this characteristic looks like in action in your life. Then, write short sentence descriptions for each role. Describe what it looks like to live out your mission in each of those roles in the present tense.

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You have to actually LIVE it. So instead of packing up your notebook and forgetting it forever, do this instead…. Ask them for feedback—but more importantly—ask them to keep you accountable. But think about it for a sec. WHY is it scary? Break out your personal mission statement, think about the past month, and compare.

How well did you follow your compass?

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If you strayed, what will you do next month to get back on track? Re-read the descriptions you wrote for each role, and list a few specific action items that support those descriptions. Make sure you make updates whenever this happens. Here are some examples of personal mission statements of highly successful people. Some focus on one idea, while others are more of a list.

Some focus on themselves, while others talk about helping other people. Some focus on the career aspect, while others look like more general life mantras. All that matters is lasering in on what matters most to you, weaving it into your daily life, and following it wherever it may lead. Hope this helps! Sincerely, Mitch Glass. This amazing! Is there any way you could change it to something else? Thank you for considering it. My mission statement is to work hard in school so i can go to a good college to study and get a good gob that pays good and i want to work and help other people that needs help and my mission is to be the best worker in welding and my impact important is good work hard and Ever body that think they cant impact important in life.

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I cant write my misdion statment be-do-have please If possible help me. I had no idea where to begin, what to do, how to do it and then knit it all together to make sense of the blur that I had in my head. You are truly gifted in breaking down a really complicated assignment, into bite-size pieces, ready for digestion by even the most ill equipped student. Absolutely fantastic. Your article is both inspiring, funny and simply put, motivating. For this I thank you.

I am so glad I stumbled upon this. It will change my life in more ways than I could explain. So happy to hear that you found it valuable, Silke! Sometimes all you need is a pen, paper, and time to get all those jumbled thoughts organized on paper. Writing a good personal mission statement is an ongoing process, but it is totally worth it!

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why is making this impact important to you? What character traits are needed to make this impact? What do I want my life to stand for? How do I want people to remember me? What impact can I make with my uniqueness?

What do I most want to contribute to the world?