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Login Join. Home Page Essay on Duty of Care. Essay on Duty of Care Submitted By nicklalvani. Open Document. I have written down the key points about the term and its implications, I hope that they are clear. At its most basic it means putting the people cared for in the service at the heart of everything the service does.

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This means that no action or omission by any employee should harm the service user. It means a responsibility of employees to understand and prioritise the needs, interests and opinions of service users at all times, and to always have their safety and welfare foremost in mind. There will be overlap between National and Local recommendations for practice but altogether both will set out what are acceptable employee standards and what should occur if standards are not met.

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Duty Of Care Essay how duty of care contributes to good practice 1. Duty Of Care Essay best practise. Our care home is committed to anti- discriminatory… Words - Pages 5. People must take interest in the daily news other than their daily routine activities in order to know what bad or good are going on in their country.

India is a religious, cultural and traditional country and famous for the unity in diversity. However, it needs more efforts from the end of its citizens to keep it clean, free of corruption, free of social issues, crimes against women, poverty, pollution, global warming, etc for more development. People need to understand their duties towards country instead of shouting and blaming to the government. Each and every person is individually responsible for the growth and development in the country.

Everyone should be aware of their fundamental duties and follow without ignorance. As being a good and responsible citizen of the country, everyone must perform duties very loyally as:.

A citizen living in the society, community or country has various duties and responsibilities towards the society, community and country to be performed in right manner. People should have faith in goodness and never ignore important duties towards their country. Years have been passed since our country got independence from the British rule by the sacrifices of many great freedom fighters.

They were real followers of their duties towards country who really made possible the dream of freedom in the country by paying very costly cost of lives of millions of people. After independence of India, rich people and politicians got involved in their own development only and not the country. It is true that we have been independent from the British rule however not from the greediness, crimes, corruption, irresponsibility, social issues, child labour, poverty, cruelty, terrorism, female infanticide, gender inequality, dowry death, gang rape, and other illegal activities.

It is not enough making only rules, regulations, laws, acts, campaigns and programmes by the government, they are needed to be followed strictly by each and every Indian citizen to be really free from all the illegal activities. Indian citizens need to perform their loyal duties towards country for the betterment of everyone by eliminating poverty, gender inequality, child labour, crimes against women and other social issues.

Indian citizens have right to select their own political leader which can lead their country in right direction towards development. So, they do not have right to blame bad people in their life. They must keep their eyes opened while voting their political leaders and chose the one who is really free of corrupt mind and has capability to lead a country. It is must for the people of India to perform their duties individually towards country to really become independent in true sense.

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It is very necessary for the development of the country which can be possible only from the end of its disciplined, punctual, dutiful and honest citizens. Duties of a person towards country are very important to maintain its dignity, bright future, and lead it towards betterment. I am an Indian citizen as I took birth here. As being a responsible citizen of the country, I have many duties towards my country which I must fulfill all that. I have to perform my duties in various aspects and all that related to the development of my country.

Duty is a task or action needed to be performed by each and every individual of the country on regular basis for the betterment and more development.

The duty of care in negligence torts can be imposed explicitly or expressly. It defines the obligation of one individual to another. Proximate causation exists in negligent torts when the plaintiff suffers injury because of natural conducts of negligence.

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The only form of remedy available for finding of tort liability is to ensure the plaintiff establishes both the proximate cause and negligence. It is usually not required for liability that the negligence of the defendant to be the last proximate cause of a particular injury. In conclusion, negligent torts are product of people failing to do what is expected of them thus resulting in loss or injury, or doing what they are supposed to do in a worn way that causes loss or injury.

Elements such as duty of care, and proximate causation are necessary to determine a negligence tort. In settling disputes arising from this tort, several remedies such as compensation are necessary. Egteren, V. Mallor, J.

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